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Top 3 tech to be exited about in #2021

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

There is a lot of whisper about tech that is going to come in year 2021 and there is also a lot of hype about these theoretical products.

The 1st one in discussions is

The 32 Core Mac Processor

There has been a lot of talk about a new Mac lineup with a processor having 32 cores and 128 threads which is surprisingly going to come from a company who gives 4 GB RAM on their $1000 phones!

Well that doesn’t mean that apple can’t innovate or go lavish on technology

The next one is

New S Series Phones

The new ”S21” series is to get launched in January 2021. It may have a 5,000 MAh battery, S21 ultra 6.8“ screen, with 12 GB RAM and 128 GB / 256 GB / 512 GB storage options. The cameras features a 108 MP main camera ,12 MP wide, and a 12 MP ultra wide and a monstrous 40 MP front camera

and another series by Apple

iPhone 13

Apple had released their flagship IPhones earlier this quarter. This iPhone series brought us a lot of improvement from their old flagship series, such as a brand new chip, huge camera improvements, new display, 5G (which couldn’t be ignored) and of course, huge prices😉 .

We are hoping that by the end of the next year, we are going to see much bigger improvements. The iPhone 13 series will bring in more RAM, storage, CPU and GPU improvements and much needed battery life. There are also rumours of the series to have no charging port and no notch. Let’s hope that the latter is true.


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