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TikTok Has Agreed To Pay Around A 100 million$ For Privacy Violation

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

TikTok agreed to pay $92 million for a class action complaint against alleged violations of privacy, including charges that the app gathered "extremely sensitive personal information" to monitor users and target advertisements. TikTok rejected the allegation, but said he didn't want to spend time on the matter.

It incorporates 21 potential class actions in respect of a number of alleged privacy breaches against TikTok. This proceeding argues significant from allegations that TikTok examined the faces of users in the context of data transmission, which were focused on race, gender and age, to allegations that the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act had been violated. Almost all users of the US will be part of the settlement.

TikTok decided in the agreement to avoid several habits, which could jeopardize user privacy unless these activities were explicitly disclosed in its privacy policy. These behaviors include bio metric data collection, gathering GPS or clipboard data, and transfer or storage of data from US users abroad.


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