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Technical, Logical Analysis and Understanding History of Philosophy behind Coolie No. 1 2020

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

After watching remake of Coolie No. 1, I thought of writing short Logical Analysis and History of Philosophy, a journal of philosophy with reviewing original David Dhawan work in 1995, focusing on interpreting those classical philosophical texts by drawing on the resources of modern formal logic available in the 2020 remake starring Varun Dhawan.

We have used logical analysis as an instrument of interpretation to shift the interpretive focus from the purely exegetical approach towards Coolie No. 1 as a whole to the systematic reconstruction of a Bollywood theory that concerns the issues that are discussed.

We all know that Philosophy is the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence. It is also a theory or attitude that acts as a guiding principle for behaviour.

During our research we have observed that the original Coolie No. 1 movie was made in 1995, during the era of 2G technology, which allowed the world to dial/receive calls and text messages using brick phones. Dhawans thought of remaking it in 2020, the era of IOT, Net Speed in Gigabytes, Storage capacities in Terabytes, UHD 3D Videos, AI etc powered by 5G technology.

During the research, based on the secondary data available in open domain like IMDb, we have observed that despite reducing the overall movie time by record braking 9 minutes, the viewers have given 1.4/10 rating to the remake on IMDb. In our view, the remake deserves 1 extra point based on the reduced 9 minutes.

While doing YOY (not YaaraOYaara) analysis of Govinda 1995 against Varun 2020, we found Varun appearing as, a zipped file format of orignal Govinda*.* file. The resultant zip file size was drastically reduced to 1KB as against original 1TB.

There is no visual difference in KareenaKapoor.mp4 and files except the latter appears UHD. Otherwise it is just a Copy Paste of heavy multimedia animation files.

Wheel as a concept was developed during stone age. The modern developments in lifestyle products brought by industrialisation in western countries brought a concept of attaching wheels to luggage in 1972. A vertical trolley with long handle was invented in 1991.

Those innovations reached the third world little later, so Govinda in 1995 as a Coolie No. 1 holding a metal trunk on head was logical and acceptable. We found Varun Dhawan holding those 4 wheeled trolleys on head in 2020 left us in philosophical, logical and technological musing.

There are plenty of new experiments done, new ideas absorbed in the new Coolie No. 1 including the below sequence where Varun runs on top of a moving train to save a kid sitting on a railway track inside a railway station. It has been picked from the popular Subway Surfers mobile game.

Considering the actual state of railway tracks we see everywhere, we think the production team must have done a Swachha Station Track Abhiyaan before making the kid happily sit there for the shot. Or it could be a complete VFX.

Subway Surfers in Coolie No. 1

The actual Subway Surfers

Apart from the other generic comparisons, we did few philosophical comparative 'Then and Now' observations of the 1995 movie against the 2020/2021 remake

The 1995 Govinda one sounds old but still packed with sleek punches from the great Kader Khan. The 2020 looks huge, technically sound, polished but somewhere lacks charm of Govinda and Kader Khan.

Meanwhile the kids in 2020 have started flying drones as against kite flying.

and people in 2020 started reading news on mobile devices as against newspapers of 1995.

The 1995 movie was a whole entertainment package with equal weight given to everything. In case of the 2020 remake the characters have overpowered the script, scenes and dialogues

The 1995 original was wearing a Govinda style. The 2020 one has tried wearing everything including Govinda, Mithun, Dharmendra, Bollywood, Tollywood, Corona etc.

I personally liked Varun in Badalapur. He is a good actor and has great potential.

He has taken a lot of efforts in Coolie No. 1, but we don't see any reason why Dhawans should remake it in 2020.

Who is the audience? Those who watched the 1995 movie in single screen halls?

Who will play 'Bhel Poori Kha Raha Tha' on Spotify or ask Alexa to play on an echo dot in 2020?


We thought a lot and found few answers.

They are doing it using the famous 5R principle.

According to the 5 R's principle, 4 actions should be considered prior to 'recycling': refuse, reduce, reuse, repurpose, and then recycle.

Bollywood producers incorporate this methodology into movie makings' waste reduction and recycling efforts. This minimizes landfill waste and helps taking their overall recycling program to the next level.

The movies like Sadak 2, Agnipath, Don etc have used the 5R principle successfully.

With this we thought of doing Futuristic Evolution of Coolie No. 1 as a whole.

Dont be surprised if you see robots lifting and carrying luggage on head and singing 'Mai to Raste Se Jaa Raha Tha.. Bhel Puri Kha Raha Tha..' in a re-re-re-make of Coolie No. 1 in the year 2060

The Futuristic Evolution of Coolie No. 1
The Futuristic Evolution of Coolie No. 1

2020 has exhausted all of us.

Hence we thought of concluding the Logical and Philosophical analysis of Coolie No. 1 and save some energy for the year end sanitiser party.

Looking forward to a great 2021 with exact expressions given by Varun in below picture.

Lets enter the 2021 in zakaas Varun style

Varun, Lots of Love to you 😉. We loved your and Sara's wardrobe in the remake

Have a great 2021!


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