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What if a Monolith appears anywhere in India? How Indians will respond? 😉

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

The year 2020 sounds never ending with back to back surprises in its kitty. December 2020 has started shocking us with a Mysterious Metallic Monolith.

The suspense behind the disappearing metallic monoliths, which initially made appearance in the US first and later in Romania, has triggered an array of conspiracy theories on social media.

The internet has got flooded with various conspiracy theories , rumours about aliens or similar mysterious powers behind it giving signals to mankind about their existence. What if monoliths appear in India?

Here is our take on this mysterious monolith, in case it appears in India 😉

After Utah, California, Romania, a Mysterious #Monolith has created suspense.

Are Aliens warning us?


Thalaivar Rajinikanth is there to save us

If a monolith appears anywhere in India, the first thing we will do is - Play gully Cricket 😎 using it as a stump. Stumped? Not yet?

If a monolith appears anywhere in Indian village, as a jugaad we may use it in various ways! Aliens, beware!

If a monolith appears in Mumbai..

We are getting late. Catch you over weekend.

If a monolith appears in Pune, we may put a very Puneri Paati aka notice board and insult the alien to the core 🤣

If a monolith appears in Kashmir, it will show love for all 😍

Love for all 😍

If a monolith appears anywhere in Gujarat, we may arrange a Grand Garba Dance around it with lot of Music, Light, Food and Fanfare 😍

If a monolith appears in Bangalore, it may look like this 👌 😍

Hungry Kya?

If a monolith appears in Chennai, we may do a small Aayudh Puja and break pumpkin 😍

If a monolith appears in Chennai during Monsoon and cyclones, this will be the best thing to do.. Aliens, watch out for drains 😁

Thats it for now. If you have more ideas, share with us on Twitter DMs or eMail us!

Want to see all #Monolith memes at one place?

Here you go


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