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Top 10 Witty & Hilarious Memes tweeted by Brands on the Mysterious Metallic Monolith

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

The year 2020 sounds never ending with back to back surprises in its kitty. December 2020 has started shocking us with a Mysterious Metallic Monolith. The suspense behind the disappearing metallic monoliths, which initially made appearance in the US first and later in Romania, has triggered an array of conspiracy theories on social media.

It all started with a mysterious monolith appearing in the sands of Utah, and before the world could make any sense of it, a similar looking metallic monolith appeared in Romania. Needless to say, internet got flooded with various conspiracy theories , rumours about aliens or similar mysterious powers behind it giving signals to mankind about their existence.

While the alien theories were been discussed, it opened up a witty online meme festival that got many famous brands decoding the ‘secret’ for the mankind 😉

The smart social media teams of world famous brands swapped respective products in place of the metal monolith or edited the metallic monolith in interesting ways.

McDonald’s changed the monolith into a drive-thru ordering kiosk, The Home Depot changed it with one of its popular 12-foot tall skeletons, Amazon covered it with a signature delivery box, and Budweiser converted it in to a refrigerator.

Team SlayShot has made a list of 10 most creative brand takes on the monolith meme festival so far:




The Home Depot

Burger King




Busch Beer


Needless to say, Brands have made this whole thing even weirder and wittier with their own take on the viral monolith mystery.

The aliens are watching.


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