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Top 10 TENET Memes, Get TENET Explained 😂

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

Tenet is the most brain-draining movie, similar to Christopher Nolan's earlier movies like Inception and Interstellar.

We watched it, tried looking at internet to understand concepts of Inversion, a Temporal Pincer Movement, Sator Square, Arepo, Opera, Rotes etc. But yet to grasp the plot. 🙄

Finally we thought of sharing Top 10 SlayShot.Com exclusive memegraphics aka memes about people who can explain Tenet to us.

Top 10 TENET Memes, Get TENET Explained 😂

1. Dushyant from Sarabhai vs Sarabhai

2. Swami Nithyananda, The me in me is only sitting as me in you.

“The me in me is only sitting as me in you. These two only talking to each other, understand, I can only talk to me and give my understanding, I cannot talk to anyone else and give my understanding. So, the ‘Me’ resides in this as me, is residing in all of that as me, so that me through this me, talking to me.” Swami Nithyananda

3. Bollywood, Tollywood, Mollywood, Logic etc.

4. Shashi Tharoor Tweets

5. Chintu, the wonder kid from WhiteHatJr TVC

6. Rahul Baba

7. Mona Daaarrling, Ajit – The Famous Villain

8. Praful and Hansa From 'Khichdi'

9. Momma's Rosesh from Sarabhai vs Sarabhai

Ishwar ki samjhaai hui sachaai, ki TENET maaya se hi bani banaai  Sab kuch hai maaya, yeh sofa yeh kaaya  Ishwar ne table-cloth bhi hai maaya se banaaya   Rista bhi maaya, raasta bhi maaya, lunch dinner aur breakfast bhi maaya   TENET to sophistication ka pratik hai, thodi contemporary thodi antique hai - Momma's Rosesh

10. The Rajinikanth, He is TENET.

That's it for now folks!


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