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The Next Generation Of Macs - It seems promising

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

The Apple event ended yesterday, and as expected, they have launched their next generation of Macs, which is powered by their own chip this time.

The M1 chip, which is Apple's first for their desktops, will power the entire lineup for the Macs.

Like many other ARM chips already on the market, the CPU is an 8-core processor , with four high-performance cores and four power-efficient cores. Apple also provides an 8-core GPU in the SoC, which should be more powerful than the Intel Iris graphics found on the lower-end MacBooks.

Apple is making some pretty bold comments about its M1 processor, saying that it provides up to 3.5x performance over "competing CPUs," but we're not sure what degree of performance Apple is aiming for here.

Apple also reported that the Apple M1 was three times more powerful per watt than the "Latest PC laptop processor," which is also extremely vague.

Apple has said the iMacs with M1 chip will be released early next year.

You can order the Macs from today on their website, where the Air is 999$, the Pro for 1299$

and the Mac Mini for 699$.


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