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Sonu Sood, Baba ka Dhaba and The Journey of Biryani : Effective use of Emotions on Social Media

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

As per scientists we humans first feel and then think. When we come across sensory content, the emotional section of the brain processes the content faster than the cognitive section. In case of a new brand being promoted or an existing brand looking for revival in terms of increased awareness and loyalty, it should plan a communication strategy with focus on emotional connect with consumers.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Emotionally connected consumers trust the brand further, purchase more slightly overlooking cost factor and become advocates. This emotional connect with consumers is a core of a great marketing strategy resulting in substantial brand equity and financial gains.

The recent stories of movie actor Sonu Sood and BabaKaDhaba, a small eatery in a Delhi suburb shows us how a brand can be built and acquire huge followership with emotional connect, how power of social media and emotional connect can be used for a cause and spread happiness.

To explain the topic in detail we have divided the article in to a series of posts:

From a Reel life Villain to a Real life Hero, The Story of Actor Sonu Sood - Click here to read this article


The Journey of Biryani - Click here to read this article


Understanding Science of Emotions from a Marketer’s Point of View - Click here to read this article

We hope you will like the articles and share with your friends. Happy reading!

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