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RTX 3060: Out of Stock!

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

The new RTX 3060 is out, it is all exciting but it is a bit confusing as the 3060 and 3070 look exactly the same, has the same performance. The RTX 3060 is at its best value of $399 (assuming you get it in stock) and RTX 3070 comes at price point of $499.

Should someone pay extra $100 for literally the same graphics card?

Is it the same?

Let’s find out

Both RTX 3060 and RTX 3070 have 256 bit, 8GB of GDDR6 ram, all RTX30 series cards have ampere architecture, has the new third gen tensor cores, new ray-tracing support and DirectX12 ultimate support. The cards have all the tweaks and features as the other cards like up to 360Hz monitors support.

But there are differences

So now you must be like “I am saving $100 then why buy RTX3070?”

Well there are some areas where RTX3070 is better like more cuda cores on RTX3070, a lot more cuda cores actually 4,864 on RTX3060 and 5,888 on RTX3070!

More cores means more speed. Apart from that RTX3060 goes upto 1.67 GHz and 3070 1.73 GHz which is the fastest in any 30 series card.

In our view, probably RTX3060 is a better buy over RTX3070 even if it is faster and has more cores, simply because it saves you $100 without downgrading performance.


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