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PS5 vs XBOX series x : Really Sony?

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

In this article we’re going to talk about the PS5 and the XBOX series x

By looking at it we are tempted to buy this thing right away. It is so cool!

When Microsoft announced earlier about the Xbox series x, we thought that it’ll be a fat looking box. PS5 looks so sleek and cool but actually the Xbox looks no as bad and neither made the PS5 look bad 😉

Technically Xbox has AMD’s zen 2 RDNA 2 processer which results in 12 TFLOPS of power and PS5 has 10.5 TFLOPS power which is slightly behind Xbox series x.

Both devices has 3D spatial audio, both devices has amazing 120 FPS and 120hz, the PS5 also has 8k but at lower frame rates.

But PS5 has few exclusive things too. Any guesses?

PS5 gives exclusive games, full of good ones!

On the other hand Xbox has a facility of expansion of storage which PS5 doesn’t provide.

Ps5 or Xbox series x?

Well it mostly depends on who you’re if you’re upgrading from a PS4 or PS4 Pro it’s obvious to go for the PS5 and the same applies for the Xbox lovers!


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