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Apple's Next Gen iPhones

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

The iPhone 12 is here and people are telling that they have just changed the name from iPhone 11 to iPhone 12. Is that true? Let's find out.

There are 4 models released by Apple this year. This is unusual as Apple releases 2 or 3 models in general.

Lets take a quick look at the features of new models

iPhone 12 & iPhone 12 mini

The iPhone 12 mini has almost all the things the iPhone 12 has. Both the phones have 5G which Apple spent half of the event talking about, and A14 bionic chip which is also included on the iPad Air. All the new iPhones have Ceramic Shield which is “not glass” and has better water resistance. For the first time OLED has been used with Apple's 'Super Retina XDR display'. The phones have almost the same cameras as iPhone 11 in addition of night mode on every camera including the front camera . Apple has also included the MagSafe accessories.

None of the models come with an included charger brick, but do come with a Lightning connector.

iPhone Pro & Pro Max

The Pro and pro max models have more features than 12 and 12 mini series.

The pro has 6.1” display and pro max has a gigantic 6.7” display with ceramic shield. Like the other models, these phones also have 5G and support MagSafe accessories.

The phones have a triple camera system, which was first implemented in the last years' iPhone 11 series. All the three back cameras are 12MP cameras along with telephoto. Apple has implemented a process used in DSLR cameras, which moves the sensor itself, rather than the lens, which provides better stabilisation than normal cameras.

So, Is it worth it?

On paper, the iPhones have alright specs for a 1000$ phone. iPhone 12 Pro gives a 6GB RAM and a measly 2815 mAH battery, which is somehow extended through the iOS 14's efficiency.

Compared to Android phones in the thousand dollar range, though, Apple stands no chance. This years' Note 20 Ultra gives you 12GB RAM, and good 4500 mAH battery life and not bad Exynos 990 chip. It gives you a 108 MP main camera compared to Apple's 12MP. The Note 20 Ultra has 120 hz refresh rate compared to Apple's 60hz which was also there on iPhone 11 series and iPhone X series as well. Apple seems to love these refresh rates. This time though, unlike Apple's other iPhones, this might be a good upgrade for enthusiasts.


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