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Google claims there are 400 games in the pipeline for Stadia

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

Google has about 400 games on the way to Stadia's game streaming service, according to Jack Buser, Service Director of Games.

Buser gave the number in an interview with MobileSyrup, where he said that the company had about 400 games in development from 200 developers" for the service.

"We're looking forward to the future for many years," says the manager. "Gaming is one of the largest companies in Google ... which is why you see us spending so much time and resources to help all these hundreds of developers creating all these games. We've got a very busy year ahead of us. And in truth, we've had a very exciting many years ahead of us."

These production games include exclusive titles developed by Google's own internal game studios as well as partners such as Harmonix.

The business has made a variety of large-scale hires as part of its first-party production activities, including former Ubisoft and EA developer Jade Raymond and former Sony Santa Monica studio manager Shannon Studstill.

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