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All about the Huawei Mate 40 smartphone

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

As you know this time of the year has been a great time for tech and much more coming. the picture on top is Huawei’s Mate 40. Huawei mate40 has such good specs, here take a look

CPU and GPU, well it comes with the Huawei kirin 9000e chipset it’s 5 nm ( like A14 bionic ) 5g ( like most phones this year ) maxed out at 2.86 GHz and normally 1.95 GHz GPU is a 16 core one called the and as per the OS well it can’t run android because of the US ban but came around that by making their own OS called EMUI 10.1 well because it’s based on android 10 storage and ram is pretty much what you think for a 2020 phone to have 8GB ram and 256 GB storage and an external SD card is fine

Now cameras always have been a high point for Huawei’s phones and also this time they have nailed it with an amazing 50 MP main camera, a full-on movie camera, and a telephoto camera, and a 3D camera and the front camera a monstrous 32 MP and face unlock

Now you think with all that fancy stuff you must think that it must cost a pretty penny and at 90,300₹ or 1,432$ you are correct. but yet a lot of tech reviewers are telling “good phone, no google, almost no apps” ok good phone it is, that’s right no google sort of good because it kind of eats your RAM, and last but not least almost no apps

Image Credit : mkbhd

All you can see is TikTok and some video app, my point is it is yet to be finished literally no Instagram, Facebook, or WhatsApp none of that if Huawei wants to create a decent phone it’s not only that hardware that should be good so should be software.

So is it worth the money? Simple words: “no’.


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