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10 reasons to keep your landline phone in 2020

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

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With mobile phones dominating communication sector, we are possibly be asking our-self if there is any need to continue a landline phone at home. Well, it would not be a necessity, however there are lots of reasons a landline is still good to possess around.

If you’re pondering ditching that landline and live with a cellphone alone, here are 10 reasons you would possibly wish to rethink.

  1. Your home phone could be a better tool for contacting local SOS numbers like 911 in any emergency. After you decision from a landline, emergency team can see your home address and locate you. This might be life-saving if you’re in a very position a mobile is not charged, there is no power or you’re unable to speak clearly and emergency services got to notice you.

  2. With changing times, you tend to buy a new cellphone every year, which indirectly takes out a lot of money from your bank balance. However this can be one thing you don’t have to be compelled to worry concerning with a land line. You buy it once and keep using it forever. Have you ever heard of Landline Version 3.0/4.0/etc. ? There is nothing like that and no one needs it.

  3. How about cutting usage of cellphone and save yourself from hazardous radiation and its adverse effect on body. When you are at home, you can use landline to take and make calls which may help you in long term.

  4. Landlines can help you in terms of controlling smartphone addiction. imagine, you are at home and you get a call on cellphone. You don’t just take the call and keep the phone away after call ends. You tend to look at other app notifications and get in to a non-ending cycle of distraction. With landline at home, you disconnect a call and the story ends there with no further roaming around. Give that precious time to yourself, family and kids!

  5. In case of power issues or system outage, mobile phone service may go down with it. Landlines, however, operate through the copper cables and are self-powering. Even in an emergency, land line will still work, whereas one’s mobile phone becomes brick without electricity!

  6. Cell phones compress data once they have a weak connect with nearby towers. That results in poor call quality and frequent call drops. Landlines use copper wiring, hence don’t have this downside. If you reside in a neighborhood wherever mobile phone reception is terrible, it’s invariably an wise decision to possess an additional line at home.

  7. Analysis continues to indicate that maintaining a healthy work-life balance is crucial to happy and healthy life. Having a separate contact number at home for family and friends could be a good way to shut work when you are at home. you can use your mobile phone for business calls and land line for personal use.

  8. What happens if your mobile phone breaks or you end up unable to pay your bill on time? How someone will contact you or you will connect with the world. A land line works as a reasonable backup just in case of emergency.

  9. With a landline one can save a lot of money. Some corporations (like BSNL in India) provide discounts to those who are willing to bundle their net, phone, and cable services from single provider. If you take these services separately, they cost a lot. If you’re trying to get telephone line internet in your home, look at native bundles offered in your country.

  10. Cell phones are tiny, unplugged, and might fall out and get into the places while not even realizing it. In case of emergency, say during a power outage, instead of wasting time in finding a lost smartphone one can just reach out to a stationed landline.

Whether you possess a land line or not, you’ll be able to see there are lots of smart reasons to keep a land line at home. They’re a lot of reliable than cell phones, less costly, and might assist you in an emergency.

By Atalbihari Baddar


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